Museion, Bolzano, A Line describing the surface,
curated by Frida Carazzato, 2013
“Cosa succede dentro a Museion?” Installation video, 2013


The project “A line Describing the surface” is curated by Frida Carazzato.Through the use of animation I made three different videos that are inserted on the medial side of the Museion by searching to alter the thick walls of the museum: the rhythm and gestures of everyday life are transformed into a video story, almost out off a strip of comics. In all three videos, one for each floor: offices, exhibition area and an imaginary plane in which like in a dream world there are characters who work at the computer, talking on the phone, which range from famous works – such as Brillo Box by Andy Warhol – and other grotesque situations.

I thought about a kind of work where the spectator has a different view of the museum inbetween reality and fiction.

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