Re-Generation, Museo Macro, Rome
curated by Maria Licata and Ilaria Gianni, 2012
“I senza Nome”, Installation, (variable dimension) 2012

Expressed through a series of diverse languages, such as animation, sculpture, and the installation and book by the artist, the design is the departing point and the distinctive feature of my work. My designs, distinguished by a deliberate, imperfect and synthetic graphic style, take inspiration from the observation of everyday people to capture flaws, manias, and contradictions.

The work is composed of paintings that depict layered situations and characters, a wall-drawing created specifically for the space, and several two-dimensional figures that inhabit the exhibition like bizarre intruders.

Expanding the iconographic imagery to encompass reality, I give life to a parallel universe, balanced between truth and fiction, rationality and irony, to remind the observer that things are never as they seem.

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