Language Games   – Franca, Cannara (PG)

The exhibition Language Games was curated by Jo Melvin, it featured work by Keith Arnatt, Gene Beery, Jeff Gibbons, Fabio Giorgi Alberti, Marco Raparelli and Nyla Van Ingen.

These artists share interests in word play and the use of words translated into visual components that are read as well as seen, like the rebus and its image-word application. A language game for a child involves seeing and recognition. The language game gets complex when layers of meanings and cultural associations are ascribed to images and to colloquial expressions. We read image signs to direct certain actions. In different ways each of these artists engages with considerations of the languages of art. Perhaps it is impossible even to think of a visual art that does not invoke the linguistic because the practices of production necessarily involve communication, and so are steeped in different traditions of what language is. Language Games as a title for this exhibition is to indicate both the different ways these artists communicate with the methods and histories of their investigations as a reflexive practice, and the transactions that occur between them, when they are seen together. The use of the word ‘games’ suggests playfulness as well as the processes, systems, rules and methods that are part of a set of agreed parameters. Games also suggest room to manoeuvre, structures, rules, patterns, requirements as well as playing. It allows for slippage and ellipsis

In this exhibition the literality of painting is steeped in traditions and questions around the traditions of painting. The ideas associated with any critical reflexive practice are not medium specific although they may spring from a particular tradition. A film can be as much about a way of painting, by introducing the filmic and durational as a painting can bring new considerations to how we see film. Similarly, sound invokes architectural space – as well as duration and inhabited experience. These painting use of language in painting, in art, in medium specificity – and in the lack of specificity – it also implies the movement or shift from one material, medium to another – creating a transaction of sorts. Notions of translation are implicit.

We envisage the architectural space of Franca as a structure for paintings, drawings, sculptures, rather like the way a canvas stretcher provides support for the work’s presentation. Nyla Van Ingen will respond directly to the space with a specially commissioned sound piece.

Franca is Adelaide Cioni and Fabio Giorgi Alberti’s studio and they will continue to use it as their working environment for the duration of the exhibition.

Language Games will be open Saturday the 18th of May from 12 to 6 pm and it will be possible to visit the exhibition by appointment until the 23rd of June.

Franca is in via Intornofosso 41, Cannara (PG), between Assisi and Bevagna.

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